What services do we offer ?

Safety File , a division of Conrisk Consultants focus on delivering essential OHS Compliance services at the most affordable rates.

We are a small company who operates from Pretoria, Gauteng which allow us to service the Gauteng area with ease at the lowest rates in the industry.

We deliver professional service and do not compromise on quality or service delivery .

We represent the client / developer as their Health and Safety Agent on projects , ensuring legal compliance.

We also assist Principal Contractors and Contractors with Safety Files and legal compliance.

We specialize in the design and implementation of health and safety management systems for all industries including construction, manufacturing, telecommunication ,transport and power generation.

We are not just another safety file company- we are professional and affordable! Your safety is our passion.We have supplied hundreds of safety files over the past few years to satisfied clients, and our reputation in the industry speaks for itself .

We aim to deliver a quality and affordable Occupational Health and Safety Compliance Service to all industries.

We represent the client as their Health & Safety Agent as required by Construction Regulation 5(5) & 5 (6)

We assist with the following

  • Construction Work Permit
  • Health & Safety Specifications
  • Baseline Risk Assessments
  • Construction Operational Inspections
  • Monthly Legal Compliance Audits
  • Incident Investigations
  • Health & Safety Plans
  • Risk Assessments
  • Fall Protection Plans – we also assist with the inspection of harnesses and lifelines
  • DOL Notification of construction work
  • Site Specific Safety Files for any industry or project
  • OHS Compliance Certificates
  • Placement of temporary and full-time safety officers on site
  • Toolbox Talks and Inductions
  • Supply of PPE and Signage

All our services can be delivered to the client / contractor on a monthly retainer fee or once-off basis. We pride ourselves that we do not charge ridiculous rates for essential services.

safety file
Safety File

We have completed several projects successfully

  •  ARB Warehouse
  • COMAIR Simulator Building,
  • 30 Simmonds Street and more…

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We will draft a site specific Health and Safety Plan, we will ensure that the Client approves the plan and will assist the contractor if any changes are required.

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