What competence certificates do I need for my safety file?




Competency Certificates : Competent person is defined as:-

  • “A person who has in respect of the work or task to be performed, the required knowledge, training, experience and where applicable, qualifications specific to that work or task. Provided that where appropriate qualifications and training are registered in terms of the provisions of the National Qualifications Framework Act, 2000 (Act 67 of 2000), those qualifications and that training must be regarded as the required qualifications and training, and
  • Is familiar with the Act and with the applicable regulations made under the Act.”

Where ever the Construction Regulations refers to competency / competent person / competent it is important to ensure that the (a) – (e) is considered when designating a person to perform specific tasks and verifying that person’s abilities to comply.

Based on your scope of work and/or client requirements certain competencies are required. We provide some competencies/certificates as we take responsibility for documents that we create.

We provide the following certificates with your safety file:

Risk Assessor Competency
Incident Investigator Competency
Fall protection Plan Developer Competency – (if working at heights is conducted by the client)
Safety Officer SACPCMP Competency – (if required by the client)
Fall Arrest Equipment Inspector Competency( if working at heights is conducted )
You need to provide the following certificates:

First Aid Competency – (if you have more than 10 employees on-site or if required by the client)
SHE Rep Competency – (if you have more than 20 employees on-site or if required by the client)
Fire Fighting Competency – (if you are conducting work that can result in fire)
Competency for Manager & Supervisor (legal liability and/or technical competency) – (if required by the client)
Working at Heights – (where working at heights is conducted)
MEWP Operator
Lifting Machinery – Crane Operator and etc., depending on your scope of work.

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