How much does a Safety File cost?

How much does a Safety File Cost? this is the first question someone asks when they phone me.

Health and Safety File prices differ drastically from one company to the next. So How much is a Safety File? Well, that depends on the company you choose to work with. There are no set prices for a health and safety file. The price is determined by the consultant you use for the file. We have seen prices from between R1 000 – R20 000. The price would also depend on the size of the project and the risks involved. You should be careful to simply use the cheapest contractor. Make sure that your consultant is competent and SACPCMP registered A safety file is a very important part of your project and you don’t want to compromise on quality or face legal compliance issues, delays, and non-payments. How much does a Safety File cost? should not be the first question being asked, but rather are you a competent, SACPCMP registered individual?  The point is, it is not always the best decision to use the cheapest consultant because you did not budget for a safety file Every contractor is required to present to the client a site-specific health and safety file, and every client must ensure that the contractor has the required resources to implement the health and safety plan on site. Occupational Health and Safety should be a standard item on every Bill of Quantities.

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