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Why do Health And Safety Inspection Sheets

Health and Safety inspection sheets can be seen in a negative way but there are reasons for them. They are not there just to keep employees busy or because the legislation requires you to do them. It goes much further than that.

Inspection forms should form part of your Health and Safety Management System as well as your prevention program. They provide you with a record system that will assist you in numerous ways, they can help to prevent employee injuries and loss of money or loss of production because your tools or equipment broke and you were not even aware of any defective equipment in your workplace because your employees simply neglected to inform you.

Employee safety can be improved by identifying possible hazards and implementing safeguarding measures. It is cheaper to prevent an incident than it is to retrain a new employee or loss of production due to an incident.

Inspection records can also be used to protect a business after an accident or incident. They will serve as a tracking system by the Department Of Labour while doing an investigation into an incident. The inspection sheet can then be used as proof that the equipment was inspection according to legislation and that the employer was not negligent in its operations.

Health and Safety inspection sheets has an even bigger and wider role as set out in this article but is to detailed to discuss in this forum. Contact us today at for assistance with your workplace inspections. We are here to help you.

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