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Types of Health and Safety inspection sheets

There is a big verity of inspection sheets that will serve different purposes and have different frequencies of inspection. The entire scope of Health and Safety inspection sheets are too big for a write-up like this but I will provide you with some examples and explanations to give you an idea of what types of inspection sheets can be used.

  • Daily site inspection sheets;
    • They are most common in the construction industry but they are also widely used in the manufacturing, mining and oil & gas industries
    • They will be performed daily.
    • Their purpose is to ensure that the area / site is safe to work and to see if there is anything out of the ordinary.
  • Hand tool register and inspections sheets are for all hand operated equipment that is not motorized or electrically operated;
    • They are performed monthly
    • Examples of hand tools are screwdrivers, spanners, pliers, etc.
  • Portable electric equipment inspection sheets are for all hand operated tools and equipment that is motorized or uses electric current as a source of power;
    • These inspection sheets are done daily.
    • Examples of portable electric equipment are extension leads, drill machines, grinders, kettles, earns, etc.
  • Scaffold inspection sheets;
    • They fall into a category of infrequent inspections.
    • Scaffolding will be inspected under the following circumstances –
      • After erecting the scaffolding for the first time;
      • Before it is used after was left unattended overnight, over public holidays or weekends;
      • After heavy winds or storms;
      • After mobile scaffolding was moved to another location;
  • There are also some specialized inspection sheets i.e. –
    • Blasting inspection sheets;
    • Excavation inspection sheets;
    • Demolition inspection sheets;
  • Here is a list of more examples of Health and Safety inspection sheets that can be used:
    • Air compressor inspection checklist;
    • Generator inspection sheet;
    • Vehicle daily inspection sheet;
    • Fire equipment inspection sheets;
    • SHE Rep monthly inspection sheet;
    • Hygiene inspection;
    • Facilities inspection sheet;

The list can go on and on but as I mentioned in the beginning, the scope is very wide and too big for a blog. Contact us today at for assistance with your Health and Safety. We are here to help you.

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