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The importance of risk assessments

It is vitally important that the risk assessment process needs to be of high quality, if it is not the program will have a week base from which to work. Risks form part of the entire organisation at every level and are part of every function or activity.
The level and intensity of the baseline risk assessment should not be determined by the amount of money available but by the nature of the organizations’ operations.
It has been proven by history that some of the major disasters could have been prevented by a proper risk assessment. A risk assessment is a proactive approach and is the most effective method to highlight latent defects in a workplace that, in conjunction with other hazards, could lead to incidents. That is the reason why the risk assessment must be done in as much detail as possible and thereafter high-priority risks needs to be taken through the next proses of issue-based risk assessments.
When risk assessments are done properly they can save lives, prevent injury and prevent damage to property or equipment. They can become money savers instead of an expense.
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