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So why does employees not buy into the companies Health and safety culture?

In my previous article I wrote about the culture of Health and Safety and why employees will not buy into the culture. So what the reasons?

One of the main reasons is fear

People act or react to fear in different ways, even though they know what they are doing might not be the right thing to do. They will rather react by taking a chance and hoping that they will get away with it than to act in the right way and face the consequences. So what are some of those fears?

Fear of embarrassment

People have pride and they don't like to be embarrassed. They want to save face so they try and hide away their mistakes, mishaps or lack of knowledge. Who wants to look like the village idiot amongst his coworkers? But that is exactly where they are wrong. Wont the embarrassment be bigger when the truth is finally revealed? What is worse, being injured and embarrassed or just embarrassed?

Fear of discipline

Nobody enjoys being disciplined, I know I don't. Being disciplined, especially in front of others are embarrassing and you might feel that you have placed yourself in a bad light with your superiors. Employees might fear disciplinary action and loss of jobs especially if it's not the first time that they have had an incident. Yes there are times when severe discipline is required but that needs to be determined by the severity and outcome of the incident investigation and it should not be used as a tool to get rid of unwanted employees.

The fear of standing out in the crowd

Who wants to stand out in a crowd and be seen as somebody that goes against the norm of the crowd? People as a norm will rather follow the crowd than go against it. It is easier and less pressure.

Whatever the fear is, and there are than mentioned here, is a big influence in a culture. It can create a very negative and incorrect culture. It can cause workers to be injured, time to be lost and equipment to be damaged or lost.

So how do we put it into practice? Lets read about it in the next article.

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