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Safety File Index

The most confusing part part for many people when they compile a safety file for the first time is the contents and that's why they want a safety file index.

The question that I get asked most often is for an example safety file or for a "Generic" safety file.The contents of a safety file will vary from site to site and from industry to industry. There is no general "Generic" safety file.

There are however documents in a safety file that will be in all safety files, no matter what industry you are in or what work will be performed on site. The biggest influence on the contents of a safety file is the OHS Act and Regulations and then of course the client site specifications (for construction sites).

The contents of the file and it's index relating to the contents can become a very long and in depth list but for simplicity reasons I will give a very BASIC index example. Note that this is just for informational purposes and should only be used as a guideline.

a.Mandatory agreement
b.Emergency Plan and Procedures
c.Tax Clearance Certificate
d.Letter of Good Standing
e.Client health and safety specifications
f.SHE policy

2.    Plans (A few examples)
a.SHE plan
b.Fall protection plan
c.Emergency evacuation plan

3.    Risk assessments

4.    Legal Appointments

5.    Registers and inspections

6.    Toolbox talks (A few examples)
b.Hand Tools
c.First Aid
d.Safety Signs
e.Snake Awareness
f.Road Safety Vision
g.Living with HIV AIDS

7.    Personal
a.I.D. copies

8.    COID
a.Incident Reporting Procedure
b.Incident Recording
c.Accident / Incident Report
d.Motor Vehicle Accident Report
e.Resumption Report

9.    Acts & regulations

As I said, the list can become long and detailed. This is only an extract of an index. There are a lot of details that can only be done once an analysis of your scope of work has been done and the scope of work compared to the OHS Act & Regulations.

I hope this has helped you to gain a better understanding of the contents of a Safety File.

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