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General Principles of a Risk Assessment Process

A risk assessment process helps us to identify who or what can be harmed and in what way it can cause harm. As soon as we have identified the hazards we can then prioritize them and the associated risks in order to decide how we are going to respond to them so that they can be removed, minimized or controlled.

It involves more than just setting up a risk assessment team and following processes. There are specific steps to follow.

That is why the workplace risk assessment process should:

  • All risks that arise from process and work related activities should be considered.
  • It must be appropriate to the nature of the process or work activities and the level of the detail within the risk assessment should match the level of risk.
  • It should be a systematic process that assesses:
    • Minor risks with growth potential;
    • Significant risks;
    • All measures and controls;
    • The lack of measures and controls and the reasons for their lack or nonexistence;
    • All aspects and processes of the work activity;
  • Consider both routine and non-routine activities and processes.
  • Changes to the work environment should be considered.
  • Different risk groups and individuals must be considered.
  • Normal, abnormal and emergency procedures and processes must be considered.

The risk assessment process must be a structured, practical system that encourages participation to ensure that it works sufficiently.

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