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Department Of Labour Requirements

If you don't display summaries of the EE Act and BCEA in your workplace you can be punished by law.

By omitting to perform these simple and cheap duties can result in a Department Of Labour inspector ordering you to stop work immediately. No business owner wants this!

It is immaterial how many employees you have, it can be 1, 10 or more than a 100, as soon as you start employing staff members you are obliged by law to display these Acts. The labor law is crystal clear about this.

The law stipulates that you must display the following Acts in such a way that it is visible and accessible to all employees:

  • Summary of the Basic Conditions of Employment Act (BCEA)
  • Summary of the Employment Equity Act (EEA)
  • Summary of the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHS Act)
  • Summary of the Skills Development Act (SDA) 

When you buy and display these four acts you will be adhering to and respecting the current legislation because you will be providing your employees with the information and safety requirements that the law requires of you to provide them with. It will show your employees and the Department Of Labour that you respect your employees rights. In return your employees will  appreciate the respect for the fairness that you treat them with.

These signs won't cost you a lot but can change your employees attitudes towards their workplace and keep the doors of your business open.

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