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Putting a Health and Safety culture into practice

In my previous two posts I wrote about the Health and Safety culture of a company and why employees might not by into the Health and safety culture but it does not help that we only look at it, we need to do something about it. Putting it into practice This is not an easy […]

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So why does employees not buy into the companies Health and safety culture?

In my previous article I wrote about the culture of Health and Safety and why employees will not buy into the culture. So what the reasons? One of the main reasons is fear People act or react to fear in different ways, even though they know what they are doing might not be the right […]

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Health and Safety culture

Is Health and Safety a culture or an enforcement? Culture can be defined as an evolving set of collective beliefs, values and attitudes, but where does these believes and values come from? Some of them has come come a long way with us, influenced by our parents and the upbringing that they gave us, some […]

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SACPCMP registration debate continues

Can I provide my clients with a full service or not? The debate about SACPCMP registration for construction safety practitioners has been a hot topic since promulgation of the 2014 Construction Regulations. Some are for it and some are not. The matter of the fact remains that you have to register if you are a […]

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Risk Controls

Risk controls are an important part of the risk assessment process. Risk control techniques are meant to minimise the significant risks to which individuals and organisations are exposed to. By assessing the effectiveness of the controls we can have a measured indication of the level of risk exposure and they can help to identify additional […]

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Requirements for a Risk Assessment (Part 2)

Step 3 – Converting hazards to risks Now that the hazards have been identified we can move on to convert those hazards to risks. Remember that it vital that the risks are assessed and not the hazards! The important part is to work systematically; this will ensure that you have an end result containing the […]

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Requirements for a Risk Assessment (Part 1)

There are 5 basic requirements for a risk assessment. Preparation Hazard Identification Converting hazards to risks Ranking risks Evaluating effectiveness of existing controls   Step 1 – Preparation   Team members need to: Understand the methods that will be used to gather information and they need to know how to assess the information. They must […]

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General Principles of a Risk Assessment Process

A risk assessment process helps us to identify who or what can be harmed and in what way it can cause harm. As soon as we have identified the hazards we can then prioritize them and the associated risks in order to decide how we are going to respond to them so that they can […]

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The importance of risk assessments

It is vitally important that the risk assessment process needs to be of high quality, if it is not the program will have a week base from which to work. Risks form part of the entire organisation at every level and are part of every function or activity. The level and intensity of the baseline […]

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What is a risk assessment?

Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (HIRA) is now generally accepted as the basis of any meaningful risk management plan of your entire business. A risk assessment forms the first two parts of your safety management system. Before we start we need to look at a few definitions: Hazard The OHS Act defines a hazard as […]

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What to do with your Health and Safety inspection sheets after you have completed them

Now that we have established Why you have to do Health and Safety inspection sheets, How to do Health and Safety inspection sheets and what the types of Health and Safety inspection sheet we need to know what to do with them. It depends what happened during your inspection. If there were no findings they […]

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Types of Health and Safety inspection sheets

There is a big verity of inspection sheets that will serve different purposes and have different frequencies of inspection. The entire scope of Health and Safety inspection sheets are too big for a write-up like this but I will provide you with some examples and explanations to give you an idea of what types of […]

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How to do Health and Safety inspection sheets

Before we begin it must be noted that there is a big difference between an inspection and an audit. An inspection is performed frequently and on a regular basis by the SHE Rep or the legally appointed person or operator of the tools or equipment. Audits are performed less frequently, usually every 3 to 4 […]

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Why do Health And Safety Inspection Sheets

Health and Safety inspection sheets can be seen in a negative way but there are reasons for them. They are not there just to keep employees busy or because the legislation requires you to do them. It goes much further than that. Inspection forms should form part of your Health and Safety Management System as […]

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Safety File Index

The most confusing part part for many people when they compile a safety file for the first time is the contents and that's why they want a safety file index. The question that I get asked most often is for an example safety file or for a "Generic" safety file.The contents of a safety file […]

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What is a safety file?

You have submitted your quotation and just received the confirmation that the project is yours, maybe the excitement is even bigger because it's the first time that you are doing a project for this client. It's a big client and you have been trying for ages to get onto their vendor list, but the excitement […]

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Department Of Labour Requirements

If you don't display summaries of the EE Act and BCEA in your workplace you can be punished by law. By omitting to perform these simple and cheap duties can result in a Department Of Labour inspector ordering you to stop work immediately. No business owner wants this! It is immaterial how many employees you […]

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